November 10

Let’s Rescue Water From the Water Wasters!

I’m going to be a hero and save the one and only water from the clutches of the evil water wasters! I am going to save water! Today I met Anne, a fellow hero who saves water as well. She taught us about being water wise and sustainable. We got some information to read and then we had to present it to the judge at court. It was really fun!
I did my argument on coal power production and water use. I learnt that piles of coal are left outside coal factories and when it rains dangerous poisons get released and can go into lakes or streams. They use water to cool down coal which isn’t very sustainable and when the factories take in water they send it back out as polluted water which harms fish, plants and other wildlife.
Something I learnt from another group was that there is a gigantic rubbish island in the Pacific Ocean and the rubbish island is bigger then Texas! The rubbish that floats stays on the top but things that don’t sink down to the bottom of the ocean.
I will now use more containers instead of plastic bags and rappers so the rubbish doesn’t cause landfill.