November 23

Boiling Temperature Maths Investigation!

For two weeks we recorded the UV, temperatures and weather from Gisborne and Melbourne.
We had two questions: Is there a difference of the temperatures in Melbourne and Gisborne? Is the UV related to the temperature?

Here’s my table:


These are the answers for the two questions:
The UV was related to the temperature because the hotter it was the higher it was and the colder it was the lower it was.

The minimum temperature in Gisborne is mostly four degrees colder then Melbourne but the maximum degrees 1 degree apart.

The maths we used was: recording, differences, tables, statements and conclusions.

October 9

My Multiplication Maths and My Fabulous Weather Table

Over four days my class had to do these tables of time tables. The goal was to improve our score but if we finished the table it would be a bonus. We only had five minutes to do it so it was a really big challenge.I’ve been practicing my time tables so hard that I improved on each of the time table tables we had to do.

Here’s my sheet, I’m really proud of it because I improved every time.


Summers coming and the UV is rising. My class has been making a table to record the weather, UV rating and Gisborne and Melbourne min and max temperature. We wrote the days Monday to Friday and put down the temperatures, ratings and weather.