December 7

I’m going out of my mind from reading “Out Of My Mind”

Over term 4 we have been reading “Out Of My Mind” as our read Aloud book.
As a class we had discussions on what we thought was going to happen next and why we thought something happened.
My opinion: this book isn’t like any other book. It intrigues the reader and it makes you want to read more when you get around the climax. I really want this book to have a whole series ahead of it.
I would recommend this book for year fours and above because younger than year fours might not be able to understand the words like empathy or sympathy.
Here’s a link for for Sharon”s Draper out of my mind blog. Sharon Draper Out Of My Mind
Here’s my Out Of My Mind slides

October 29

Term 4 Week 4

This week I learnt a lot of things. From maths in space to what my disability is. Here’s my learning.
Empathy VS sympathy.
Have you ever wondered when you read a book and they say that someone gave empathy/sympathy to another character? Well the book we’re reading in class did.

Big Numbers.
This week we have been focusing on the solar system. We have made a scale and found out how many kilometres each planet is from the sun. ( excluding dwarf planets) Here’s my scale and some big numbers.


October 26

My Amazing Learning From Week 3 Term 4

I’ve been in the middle of writing a book on the app book creator. I’ve been doing this on our Monday free writing session. I think my book is coming along really well. I have used a narrative set out but with the main character telling the story. Here’s a sneak peek of my narrative.

In class we have been reading “out of my mind”. It’s a really good book about girl called Melody that has a disability called Cerebral Palsy. Here’s my chapter here’s my prediction for chapter six after we read chapter five.