October 23

Me in a minute

Lately we’ve been doing a task called ‘Me In A Minute’

Basically we have fitness things to do like pushups or sit ups, but we have to do as many as we can in a minute.

My three goals are:

1) Bouncing a tennis ball on a racket- the class average is 93 but I only got 53. I’ll practise by every couple of days, I’ll attempt to beat my record at home. Next time I want to get around the 90-100 mark

2) Sit ups, our class average is 40. I could only do 38 this time. I can practise be doing a couple every 2 or 3 nights. Next time I should be able to do 40 to 47 sit ups.

3) Squats- our class average is 43 and I got 41. I’ll practise by doing a couple every night so they become easier for me. Next time I think I can try to get around 45-50.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been practicing my goals. I did squats when I was at gymnastics and on Saturdays. I also did sit-ups at home and at gymnastics as well. I didn’t get to to practice bouncing a ball on a racket because I really couldn’t find a racket to do it in.


In our last session of me in a minute I succeeded in completing my goals. I bet all of my last scores too.