August 21

I’ve got Russian Blues…….. Through a vegetable?

Have you heard that kale is almost out of season? But it is still fresh, healthy and full of vitamins. Here’s the process of the Kale Crisps

Before the kale was cooked.  After the kale was cooked.
Some students from my class picked Russian blue kale from our garden. We took photos of when it was fresh in the garden and then after it was cooked. I learnt that Kale has a truck load of vitamins and minerals which are C, K, B1, B2, B6 and E.
Vitamin C helps keep away colds and flus.
Vitamin K helps your body in blood clotting.
Vitamin B1 helps your body convert food to energy
Vitamin B2 is needed to turn vitamin B6 into useable forms.
Vitamin B6 is needed to improve brain development.
Vitamin E protects skin and tissue from major damage.
You can cook kale and it won’t heat burn.
When I tasted the kale crisps I thought is was delicous but when I had a second one I hated it.

May 19

Being a Botanist

On the 8th of May we got a Lima bean and investigated if seeds were living or not. We decided that a seed was living at the end because of all of the reasons like “A seed needs to be alive already or else it wouldn’t grow.”
We got a hard Lima bean and a sheet and had to draw what it looked like in the outside and what we thought it would look like in the inside. Next we got a soaked Lima bean and we split it in half. The wet Lima bean was in water for three days. Inside, the Lima bean was yellow and soft. In the middle there was a cotyledon that helped the embryo. The embryo goes down to find a spot for the roots to be planted and then it will go up so the plant can get light to grow.