December 7

My Narrative

Over term four all the grade fours wrote their very own narritive. We got to chose our own topic.

My seed (inspiration) was more of a thought. I was thinking that I should have a person in the book telling the story and maybe it should be a devilish girl. That’s the idea my narritive is based on.

Here’s my story:

October 26

My Amazing Learning From Week 3 Term 4

I’ve been in the middle of writing a book on the app book creator. I’ve been doing this on our Monday free writing session. I think my book is coming along really well. I have used a narrative set out but with the main character telling the story. Here’s a sneak peek of my narrative.

In class we have been reading “out of my mind”. It’s a really good book about girl called Melody that has a disability called Cerebral Palsy. Here’s my chapter here’s my prediction for chapter six after we read chapter five.