July 27

Hey, Captain Cook Didn’t Find Australia

This week we did an information report on Australia. I found out that Captain James Cook didn’t actually find Australia. It was weird a first but then I thought for a while and figured it out. The aboriginals discovered Australia first. Here’s my information report.

Information Report On Captain Cook.
Captain Cook, you’re fifty thousand years late. Yep, you heard me right. Fifty thousand years ago aboriginals came to Australia and inhabited it. Chinese came in the 1400’s but left it alone. In the 1500’s Portuguese came but they thought Australia was an island like China. Dutch, well in 1600’s they were nothing different than the other two. Finally, two hundred or more years later Captain Cook came and he actually squatted the land for the royalty. But he was different. He might not of been searching for Australia but he sure was lucky to find, what they used to call, “The Great Southern Land”.
The aboriginals were the first to find Australia. They came from Asia on rafts. The first arrival was fifty thousand years ago. Archaeologists have found this out when they were digging they found drawings on cave walls, dream time stories, tools all in archaeologists digs.
The second people to find Australia were tens of thousands years late. They were Chinese people that travelled looking for spices. A Ming statue was found in an archaeology dig. When scientists used a type of chemical that shows how old things are they found out that China came to Australia in the 1400’s. This evidence proves that Chinese people found Australia second after the aboriginals.
Portuguese travelled on the boat called Mahogany to Australia. As they were the third country to discover Australia they thought it was a island like China. Although before they left they did see the aboriginals.
When the Dutch discovered Australia they were the same as the other two. The Dutch thought Australia was an island off from New Guinea. They traveled on a boat to Australia called the Duyfken. After the Dutch had given up on Australia, a rumour started that there was a place called the great southern land that had piles of gold.
Two hundred or more years later Captain Cook came to Australia. He was different though, he was the one the squatted the land for the Royalty of the British Empire. Captain Cook had seventy six crew members on board the boat called the Endeavour. Captain Cook was actually going to seek out the eclipse where Venus covered the sun. Finding Australia other wise known as the Great Southern Land was just a bonus.
I was shocked when I found out that Captain Cook wasn’t the one who discovered Australia first. Although Australia was made part of the British Empire, it is better than having to talk Chinese, Portuguese or Dutch. Oh boy, that would be super hard!
By Sophie