November 23

Climate Change Curiosities

Today it went from being really sunny to pouring down rain! Ceri, a meteorologist and climateoligst came and talked to us about climate change. Climate change is a big deal on Earth and even if it doesn’t effect you it will effect generations after you. Climate change is REAL and is happening NOW!
97 out of 100 scientists say that climate change is caused by humans. That’s right, we’re the biggest and main cause! Since we’ve been using machines and burning fossil fuels carbon dioxide has risen and trapped heat from the sun underneath our atmosphere. That causes greenhouse gas which impacts on our atmosphere. Even though there are other things that cause CO2 like bushfires and volcanic eruptions humans are the main cause of climate change.
We have actual proof of climate change which includes, photos and graphed data, ice caps melting, oceans becoming warmer and their levels rising and glaciers (frozen rivers) melting and starting to run again.
There are gases other than CO2 that impact the atmosphere like methane which is caused by cattle farting and CFC.
Climate change is a big deal and we’re the only ones who can fix it.