Thunderous Themes!

This week we have been learning about themes in texts. Themes are messages the author wants us to know or learn about.
I read a picture book called “The Cat Wants Custard”. Here’s a brief description of it.
The cat Kevin is trying to decide what to have for dinner. His owner offers all these treats to him but Kevin wants something sweet, something like custard. Kevin tries to get his owner the know that he wants custard by doing wacky things like making the letters of custard with his body and having a yellow sweater over the top of him in a bowl. When none of these things work his finale option is to wait for the fridge to open. When it does, he finds a bowl of custard inside. He has one lick and he hates it! Now he wants mashed potato.

The theme in this book
Topic: Needs and wants. Theme: Just because you want something doesn’t mean you need it.
That’s the theme in this book because Kevin the Cat wants custard but he doesn’t need because his owner is offering all these other things to him that would do him just fine.


Cyclones Are Attacking School!

Ahh! A cyclone is attacking school! Not really but my presentation caused a brutal storm on Wednesday the 7th of September when all year fives did a science expedition. The twist was that it had to be as an explanation text. My presentation was “I can explain how a cyclone forms.” We worked on it for around three weeks but the time went so fast, it seemed like only one day! It was a challenge but I got through it.
My highlight of the science expo was that so many people came to my presentation. They said they were really impressed and learnt a lot more about how a cyclone forms. I really felt like I was famous in that hour.
My lowlight was that my model kept breaking when people touched it.
I was great at and talking to the visitors who came and I used a lot of eye contact. As much as I wanted my presentation to be perfect, there was room for improvement. Sometimes when visitors came I forgot to point to the diagrams on my sheet and I repeated some things to the same person.

This is my model of the destruction a cyclone can cause.

This is my model of the destruction a cyclone can cause.



This is my poster about how a cyclone forms

This is my poster about how a cyclone forms

I can explain….


I Can Explain How Gymnastics Scoring Operates
By Sophie
Gymnastics is a sport where athletes called gymnasts, perform acrobatic skills like leaps, turns, flips and more on the floor or balance beam (sometimes with a piece of apparatus like a rope or ribbon) while other gymnasts perform swings and flips on vault and bars. Gymnastics is an exercise that shows agility, balance, strength and a lot of flexibility.

Every gymnast starts off with a total of ten points. During the routine, the judges deduct (take away) points like tenths and and sometimes hundredths for the mistakes that occurred throughout the routine.

Judges can get very picky about skills. Like if a skill is left out the judge will sometimes up to subtract twice the value of the skill. Judges deduct points when your arms, legs and sometimes back and core aren’t how there’re meant to be. A little bit bent = 0.1. Bent = 0.3. Very bent = 0.5. When you fall off anything or fall over on floor the the points deducted range from 0.5-1.0.

To make gymnastics scoring simpler, you can think about it as money. So you start off with $10. Each time you make a mistake the judge will take so much money away from you. In the end you want to aim for the judges to take no money away from also known as “the perfect ten.”

So next time you go to a gymnastics competition, competing or watching, you’ll understand how gymnastics scoring operates!

This is a picture of a judges scoring sheet.

This is a picture of a judges scoring sheet.

Pictures from: (glossary of gymnastics terms)

What makes my explanation text a good one: I thought about which diagram I put in, My text makes sense because I used many kid friendly websites to get my information and I clearly defined what gymnastics is in my first paragraph so people can understand.

“Meaning for Reading”

“Meaning for Reading”  There’s a nice ring to it isn’t  there. But what really is the meaning of reading? There are three main meanings of reading things. Those things are inferential, personal and literal. Right now you’re probably thinking, “Where have I heard those words before?” Well, I don’t know where you’ve heard those words but I do know you’re about to find out what they mean.

Literal: Literal is something you can pick out in the text like new vocabulary. It’s something you can literally see in the text that you’re reading.

Inferential: Inferential is the opposite of literal. You have to pick up hints, clues and evidence in the text to find out what you want to know. Example “Lily was sitting on the couch watching her favourite show” It doesn’t say in the sentence where Lily is but we can infer she’s in a lounge room. You get a couple of ideas from the text and connect them to make you inference.

Personal: Personal ideas come from your own mind and what you’re thinking, not anyone else. E.G: My dog is brown with white spots.  Now, what does the dog look like? Does it have straight ears, floppy ears, is it’s tongue out or in. How many spots does it have? Well it’s all up to you. They’re your ideas, not anyone else’s.

30 seconds written in 30 minutes

About seven people have disappeared out of sight. Now it’s my turn. The lady moves the rope so I can step forward. I sit down, look down and taste the fear in my mouth. Two stories up and I’m about to let go. My hands are sweaty, clammy and are about to slip and I haven’t even started hanging. I’m the first girl to go and I don’t want to be the first girl to chicken out. It’s now or never. Wait, what’s that smell? Don’t tell me that, that old, musty smell is coming from my overalls. It is. Well, when I get down I’ll take them off, but the only way down is vertically down.
Slowly, I slip my legs of the edge and hang. I can hear the encouragement from everyone waiting in line. Don’t look down, don’t look down, uh, I looked down. I’m so high up!
“One, two, three!”
On three I let go.
I’m at the bottom. I’m at the bottom! I can’t believe it! I’m at the BOTTOM!
I made it down and I made it down alive….


My Yarn From Ancient Times

In term two we have been working on yarns. Yarns are a type of story that true but you exaggerate it and add fiction into it. My one was on Mary Wade, the youngest convict that was ever transported to Australia. Read my yarn and please feel free to comment and give me feedback or ask questions.

Names Mary Wade. I was the youngest darn convict transported to the place they all call New Holland. Discovered by that so called James Cook. For petty crime criminals is the reason we British own it. But what do you think a beggar won’t do to get some decent clothes?
I was on the death line with me good friend Jane and lots o’ others ladies older than me.
On Wednesday the 14th of January 1787 I was scared to death when I heard I was gonna be hanged. Shivers were going down me spine on that grim day. I wanted to run and scream all the way home to me mother. I would be safer in our yee lil’ old shack then in the run down streets of London. That shack been standing for ten years it had. Of course though I couldn’t do that with those darn chains stuck on me legs. Weighing me down so I could hardly walk to the blooming door.
When I was called up to the judge I begged for mercy but I ain’t got any. I finally received the verdict that me life wouldn’t go on for much longer. I was in the Old Bailey at first but later that day I was moved to New Gate, further away from me mother, family and friends. What am I talking ’bout though, I have no friends other than Jane.”

Once upon …. Wait, I think I’m meant to tell you about the Olympics!


  1. What would it be like if we still competed in the old Olympics and why? –Only males would be able to compete because they were stronger and only some women were allowed to watch the games.
  2. How are the original Olympic Games different to the mordern games?- There weren’t as many events in the original games as there are now and women weren’t allowed to compete back then but are now. Also now we have safer equipment to use and things like cameras so that you don’t have to go to the games to watch them.
  3. How did we get to the mordern games and why?- The games changed when events like Pankration had no rules and made a huge difference because not as many people were getting hurt.

Super Student Led Conference Letter For Me!


Dear amazing, wonderful, awesome future Sophie,

As I don’t have a time travelling machine yet I can not tell you this in person so I am writing this letter to tell you instead. On the 22nd of June 2016 which in my time was last night Mum and Dad came to my conference and Jack was being annoying in the background. I shared my learning in maths, improvement in literacy, my best pieces in inquiry and what I am proud of out of the classroom.

I presented my presentation really well and if you don’t remember, here are the things I did really well at:
Maths- showing Mum and Dad what I could do and what my investigations have been.
Literacy- Giving Mum and Dad my books not just pictures.
Inquiry- explained things deeper so they would understand.
Other- showing more then one thing to show my progress.

From recent times you might remember doing the hat sheet. Well, we didn’t do it this year but we do have to say what we have to improve on which is the green hat. We were so silly that we forgot to do some things and I hope by telling them to you now will help you to not do them again. Those things were:
Forgetting where I was in the script,
Stumbling on the words,
Getting all my work organised.

Stay awesome and a fantastic gymnast,
Your best bud, Sophie