March 15

Maths Goals

My Goal was to get my square numbers and square roots. (From Essential Assesment)

My results are now great. I did a short test on my goal and I advanced greatly. I got 85% on a 20 question test on Essential Assesment. I only got three questions wrong. Two of them I that I got wrong were only wrong because I put them from smallest to largest instead of largest to smallest! The other one I got wrong I know what I did wrong but it would be worth practicing.

Here is an activity that helped me:

The square roots spinning game:


Where to next: I think I’ve got it covered but I’ll still practice them, at home or at school. Practice makes perfect!

December 14

A Perfect Passive House

In term four we’ve been working on our Passive houses. We looked at websites and pretended to buy a property for our house to go on. We wrote down what was good about where we were going to live and what the challenge would be. We drew a floor plan and a birds iview of our land and where everything was going to go.
Here’s my slideshow, feel free to pause and look at the pictures.

December 2

The Concert Is Coming

The concert is coming, the CONCERT is coming, THE CONCERT IS COMING! Yes the concert is coming! Yesterday on the 1st of December we had our school concert. My class was performing Dynamite and it was really fun!
First we had to choose a song to dance to. At first we decided on a mash up of Lean On and Thunderstruck. We started dancing to that but then we changed to the song to Dynamite by Taio Cruz.
We were practicing our dance from the start of term four up until the last minute before the performance. Our choreography was from Just Dance 3 which had some cool moves to Dynamite. There was this bit in the dance that we mucked up a lot in practices so we changed that bit to people doing tricks. I did a backwards walkover with my friend Charlize while Fintan did the worm. Then my friends Charlize, Mikaylah and I did the standing up scorpion. Jarrod juggled a soccer ball on his feet and Amelia, Amy, Maddison and Sabine did a bit of Irish dancing.
The day before the concert I felt really excited but really nervous as well. I couldn’t tell which feeling was the biggest. During the concert I was scared but I calmed down until I was laughing and smiling at my buddy for next year dancing down the bottom of the stage trying to copy my dance moves. After the concert I was so relived but had the urge to go on stage and perform again.

November 25

The Lunch Time Problem

Next year I’m going to be a grade six and in grade six we get prep buddies. Over the past month or so we’ve been drafting, writing, illustrating and publishing picture story books for our new buddies. My book is called The Lunch Time Problem.
The process:
It was really challenging and fun doing our picture books. I wrote all the words and drew all the pictures. I put heaps of detail into the pictures and didn’t draw stick figures so my buddy will be able to enjoy listening to the words as well as looking deep into the pictures.
I really liked writing and illustrating my book because it was a chance for me to let my drawing skills out (which aren’t the best) and using simple words that are for a prep aged audience.
If I wrote my book again I would probably add some more action into it to make it more exciting.

This is my book in a video. It goes really fast so feel free to pause and play it. If you like my picture book leave a comment.