How to comment!

Here a video with eight easy steps on how to comment!



If the video doesn’t work here’s the steps.

1: Go onto a blog

2: Read a post

3: Press on ‘leave a comment ‘or ‘leave a reply’

4: Reread the post

5: Add a greeting and something positive in the comment box.

6: Add something they could do next time and a closing comment.

7: Write in the anti-spam and fill in the fields. (Name and email)

8: Press on post comment.

REMEBER: Don’t forget to stay and subject and reread your comment before you post! Just DONT put any personal information in!


One thought on “How to comment!

  1. Hi Sophie!
    I am Thanumi, a sixth grader from Thailand. Your video was amazing! I really like the way you took your own blog as the example and created a video of it! By the way, how did you make it? All your instructions are crystal clear! Thank you for sharing it with us. Please visit my blog when you are free. My blog is, If you want to see my commenting guidelines video, please visit the following link :

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