August 12

Brag Blog

This is my brag blog. It has the things I am proud of on it!

This is my sticker chart. This is only my second page but I’ve already got a full page on the other side. I hope I get even more stickers! Every five stickers I get I earn a chocolate frog. I try really hard to earn my stickers.

Wow! I’ve got the test all right.

This is my learning about equivalent fractions. I found it easy once I learnt that what ever you do to the top you must do to the bottom.

At school my class has been reading “Out Of My Mind” which is about a girl called Melody who has disabilities.
Here’s my prediction before we read it.


2 thoughts on “Brag Blog

  1. wharris

    Fantastic Sophie. You clearly are a hard worker from all those stickers. Great achievement on your fractions test! Hi-Five!!!

    From Miss U

  2. gracejngps

    Amazing job Sophie!

    You really are a hard worker for all those stickers. Maybe next time tell me how many sheets you have and how the sticker program works.
    Your doing an amazing job so keep it up.

    From Grace ❤️


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