March 9

All About Me!

Hi everyone.
My name’s Sophie, I live in Australia and am a year six! I just love gymnastics! In fact, I love gymnastics more than…..Cake! And I love cake! But I hate jam and watching soccer. Soccer is really boring in my opinion and jams just disgusting.

I have a lot of hobbies that I try to do regularly that I really enjoy. My hobbies include drawing, riding my bike, shopping with my friends and playing with my younger brother. But  my main hobbies are jumping on the trampoline doing tricks, doing handsprings and walkovers on the ground or spray painting a beam on the ground and doing cartwheels on it!

Outside of school I play netball on Saturday and Sunday mornings for Possoms and the Giants. I used to be in pre squad swimming but it got boring so I stopped. Right now I’m doing gymnastics in a squad level called Gym Star. Last year I competed in level five but now I’m moving up to level six or seven with some other girls who are in year eight to ten. I’m trying to get my flyaway on wooden bar and giants on the metal bar.

My favourite colours are purple and aqua. I don’t really know why they’re my favourite colours but I like purple since my room is painted purple and I like aqua because it’s the colour of a tropical ocean.

At home I have two cats called Jo Jo and Scarlet. I used to have another cat called Chandler and a dog called Taylah but they both died.

My favourite holiday places are, The Marine Cove Resort in Goolwa in South Australia and The Peninsula in Mooloolaba, Queensland. I also like staying in Broken Hill in New South Wales and Lakes Entrance in Victoria.

That pretty much describes me! Feel free to leave a comment to ask more about me. If you do I’ll try to reply!


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