October 23

Me in a minute

Lately we’ve been doing a task called ‘Me In A Minute’

Basically we have fitness things to do like pushups or sit ups, but we have to do as many as we can in a minute.

My three goals are:

1) Bouncing a tennis ball on a racket- the class average is 93 but I only got 53. I’ll practise by every couple of days, I’ll attempt to beat my record at home. Next time I want to get around the 90-100 mark

2) Sit ups, our class average is 40. I could only do 38 this time. I can practise be doing a couple every 2 or 3 nights. Next time I should be able to do 40 to 47 sit ups.

3) Squats- our class average is 43 and I got 41. I’ll practise by doing a couple every night so they become easier for me. Next time I think I can try to get around 45-50.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been practicing my goals. I did squats when I was at gymnastics and on Saturdays. I also did sit-ups at home and at gymnastics as well. I didn’t get to to practice bouncing a ball on a racket because I really couldn’t find a racket to do it in.


In our last session of me in a minute I succeeded in completing my goals. I bet all of my last scores too.


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5 thoughts on “Me in a minute

  1. Lauren

    Hey Sophie,
    I think that you can achieve all your goals. Now practice every night and you will learn and be better.Good luck I hope you get a goal.
    From Loz

    1. sophiengps (Post author)

      Mr B,
      I worked on my sit-ups last night because I did them in strength at gymnastics. And I did a couple of squats at home.
      From Sophie

  2. Madison


    I like how you spaced out your goals and what you expect to get next time. But maybe you should say why we were doing the task. Anyways good job.

    From Madi

  3. Lauren

    Hey Sophie,
    Have you done any practice. No you haven’t. I don’t think that you will get better then.
    From your PT Lauren


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