13 thoughts on “The Even Seas

  1. Sophie,

    What a great effort with your solar boat. .04sec from being the fastest boat on race day. Well done on you and your teams consistent effort throughout your solar boat journey.


  2. Sophie, congratulations on getting your Book onto your blog! And congratulations on your success on Racing Day.
    It was interesting to read on your reflection that you didn’t think that Solar Boats was ‘proper school work’. Why did you feel that it wasn’t proper school work?
    Why did you have to change your mount when you were racing?
    From Miss C.

    1. Hi Miss C,
      Thanks for the comment!
      I thought it felt like it wasn’t proper school work cause it felt different from doing writing or math sums. With my mount I had to change it bacurse it was way to heavy and our boat was leaning forwards! I’ll try to fix up my book so that gets included.
      Thanks for the feedback!
      From Sophie

  3. Hi Sophie,
    Love your video it is very interesting. I think that you were very help in your group to makes your group come second . Keep up the fabulous effort on you blog and in the class room.
    From Lauren ( A member of Smoke on the water)

  4. Hi Sophie,

    I really like how you added all the information about everything. Next time try and make the text easier to read.

    From Grace

    1. Thanks Grace!
      The text isn’t clear because I had to compress it so if you want the better video just come and ask!
      From Sophie

  5. Hey Sophie,
    I really like how you named your boat after Even. I also like how you got your brother to be the voice of Preven. Maybe make your video a bit shorter.
    From Sienna

    1. Thanks for the advice Sienna! I’ll try to make it shorter but it’s hard with my wind energy video taking up four minutes of the video!
      Thanks again!
      From Sophie

  6. Hey sophie

    Great post. I really like how you have added in a little red thing and put in a video that goes fo nine minutes. How did you put it into your post? Did you use a compressing app? Next time I would put that middle section with the little red thing a bit smaller because it could tire people out.
    From Hamish

    P.s good job on your solar boat. Very disappointing that you lost your record time by 0.04 of a second.

    1. Thanks Hamish
      I’ll try to fix it up and yes I did use a compressing app, it’s called compress!
      From Sophie

  7. Dear Sophie,

    I loved the way you used different apps to create the one video it was very creative but I couldn’t understand what you where saying most of the tim e

    From Madi

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