6 thoughts on “Me as a Reader

  1. Ruby

    Hey Sophie!!
    I loved all the colour and brightness it was very engaging. Maybe next time add a tag and some descriptions.
    Kind regards Ruby

  2. Grace

    Hi Sophie,

    I love the layout of the page because it has lots of easy to look at colours. But next time try and use less colours.

    From Grace

  3. ellaangps

    Dear Sophie,
    I think your posts are very catchy but maybe try a different theme for you blog because all your posts are small and skinny and are really difficult to read
    From Ella

  4. laurenngps

    Hi Sophie,
    I love your post because it is colourful, I love the format and the shapes of the speach bubbles. The only thing I would change is but some tags in.
    Keep up the great work


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