November 25

The Lunch Time Problem

Next year I’m going to be a grade six and in grade six we get prep buddies. Over the past month or so we’ve been drafting, writing, illustrating and publishing picture story books for our new buddies. My book is called The Lunch Time Problem.
The process:
It was really challenging and fun doing our picture books. I wrote all the words and drew all the pictures. I put heaps of detail into the pictures and didn’t draw stick figures so my buddy will be able to enjoy listening to the words as well as looking deep into the pictures.
I really liked writing and illustrating my book because it was a chance for me to let my drawing skills out (which aren’t the best) and using simple words that are for a prep aged audience.
If I wrote my book again I would probably add some more action into it to make it more exciting.

This is my book in a video. It goes really fast so feel free to pause and play it. If you like my picture book leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “The Lunch Time Problem

  1. laurenngps

    Hi Sophie
    Your the only person I have seen that has said pause the video. I loved the description you put in the post.The only thing I would change was /Over the past month or so ….I thing after so you should put a comer because I was very confused.
    Keep up the fantastic work
    From Lauren

  2. Scarlette Online

    Hi my name is Scarlette you could call me Minty if you want!!! I love your post!!! Could you, in one of my posts in the comment area, tell me how you put a video in a post? Well if you want or have time. Here is my blog URL: I love your drawings in your book! I am in 6th grade and I am telling you that you will have a lot of exams at the end of the year!! But the beginning is not too bad!! I hope you come and visit me one day and leave a little comment!!!
    BYE 🙂 🙂 🙂


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