October 6

Thunderous Themes!

This week we have been learning about themes in texts. Themes are messages the author wants us to know or learn about.
I read a picture book called “The Cat Wants Custard”. Here’s a brief description of it.
The cat Kevin is trying to decide what to have for dinner. His owner offers all these treats to him but Kevin wants something sweet, something like custard. Kevin tries to get his owner the know that he wants custard by doing wacky things like making the letters of custard with his body and having a yellow sweater over the top of him in a bowl. When none of these things work his finale option is to wait for the fridge to open. When it does, he finds a bowl of custard inside. He has one lick and he hates it! Now he wants mashed potato.

The theme in this book
Topic: Needs and wants. Theme: Just because you want something doesn’t mean you need it.
That’s the theme in this book because Kevin the Cat wants custard but he doesn’t need because his owner is offering all these other things to him that would do him just fine.


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