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I Can Explain How Gymnastics Scoring Operates
By Sophie
Gymnastics is a sport where athletes called gymnasts, perform acrobatic skills like leaps, turns, flips and more on the floor or balance beam (sometimes with a piece of apparatus like a rope or ribbon) while other gymnasts perform swings and flips on vault and bars. Gymnastics is an exercise that shows agility, balance, strength and a lot of flexibility.

Every gymnast starts off with a total of ten points. During the routine, the judges deduct (take away) points like tenths and and sometimes hundredths for the mistakes that occurred throughout the routine.

Judges can get very picky about skills. Like if a skill is left out the judge will sometimes up to subtract twice the value of the skill. Judges deduct points when your arms, legs and sometimes back and core aren’t how there’re meant to be. A little bit bent = 0.1. Bent = 0.3. Very bent = 0.5. When you fall off anything or fall over on floor the the points deducted range from 0.5-1.0.

To make gymnastics scoring simpler, you can think about it as money. So you start off with $10. Each time you make a mistake the judge will take so much money away from you. In the end you want to aim for the judges to take no money away from also known as “the perfect ten.”

So next time you go to a gymnastics competition, competing or watching, you’ll understand how gymnastics scoring operates!

This is a picture of a judges scoring sheet.

This is a picture of a judges scoring sheet.

Pictures from: (glossary of gymnastics terms)

What makes my explanation text a good one: I thought about which diagram I put in, My text makes sense because I used many kid friendly websites to get my information and I clearly defined what gymnastics is in my first paragraph so people can understand.

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