August 4

“Meaning for Reading”

“Meaning for Reading”  There’s a nice ring to it isn’t  there. But what really is the meaning of reading? There are three main meanings of reading things. Those things are inferential, personal and literal. Right now you’re probably thinking, “Where have I heard those words before?” Well, I don’t know where you’ve heard those words but I do know you’re about to find out what they mean.

Literal: Literal is something you can pick out in the text like new vocabulary. It’s something you can literally see in the text that you’re reading.

Inferential: Inferential is the opposite of literal. You have to pick up hints, clues and evidence in the text to find out what you want to know. Example “Lily was sitting on the couch watching her favourite show” It doesn’t say in the sentence where Lily is but we can infer she’s in a lounge room. You get a couple of ideas from the text and connect them to make you inference.

Personal: Personal ideas come from your own mind and what you’re thinking, not anyone else. E.G: My dog is brown with white spots.  Now, what does the dog look like? Does it have straight ears, floppy ears, is it’s tongue out or in. How many spots does it have? Well it’s all up to you. They’re your ideas, not anyone else’s.

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    To Sophie
    I love the sizzling start!! Nice and long!! I can’t believe how good you are at your blog posts!! Keep up the AMAZING work!
    From Isabelle


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