My Narrative

Over term four all the grade fours wrote their very own narritive. We got to chose our own topic.

My seed (inspiration) was more of a thought. I was thinking that I should have a person in the book telling the story and maybe it should be a devilish girl. That’s the idea my narritive is based on.

Here’s my story:

14 thoughts on “My Narrative

  1. Hi Sophie,

    Great descriptive words and phrases but don’t use emojis, other wise you’re more texting then presenting a piece of writing.

    From Leon

    1. Hi Leon,
      You where right about the emojis. I fixed it up so if you want to see it go ahead.
      Thanks for the feedback.
      From Sophie

  2. Hi Sophie,

    Fantastic narrative about Makenzie! I really liked your descriptions. Your use of …. was really great. Your illustrations were always of the right thing and in the right place.

    Keep posting,

  3. Hi Sophie
    I loved your story the storyline is very good. I love your describing words. You had a sizzling start and page design.
    From Lauren

  4. Hi Sophie,
    I loved your story so much I want to never stop reading it.I like the characters and it was all in a dialoge
    Is there going to be a next book? Please

    Keep up the fantastic work

    From Charlotte

  5. Hi Sophie,
    Amazing story I thought it’s the best yet! I know to make this a good comment I have to give you a wish but I just can’t think of one because your story is perfect. Keep up the good work
    From Grace

    P.S. How are you so good at writing story’s?

    P.P.S. How did you draw such fabulous pictures?

  6. Hi Sophie,

    I loved your story so much. You were really enthusiastic unlike other people they do boring story’s except for you.

    From Ella

  7. Hi Sophie,

    Your little devil story was AWESOME, I really enjoyed the story. I like the chocolate cake bit.
    Thanks for posting the story.
    P.S make more magnificent, awesome, great, story’s.

    From: you know who…


  8. Dear Sophie,
    You story is amazing, on one page when you spell Miki it you spelt it Miki and on another page you spelt Miki, Mikki, your drawings are amazing and the text really makes the story come alive.
    Keep up the amazing work.
    Love Mikaylah.

  9. Hi Soph,
    I haven’t read all your story yet but it so so so so interesting!!
    I have no wishes! Your story is AMAZING, well done to you.

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