July 16

My Fresh, New, Magnificent Learning Goals


My Learning Goals

A short term learning goal is when when you do it over a week, a month or even a term. Things that are short term goals are like learning your eight times tables or focusing on a letter that you just can’t get. You do small steps in short term goals so you can achieve your goal without having to do all these things all at once.
Long term goals are when you to it for a year or two. They can be things like learning all your times tables or writing a maritime that makes sense.

My learning behaviour goal is to focus on what I’m doing not what people surrounding me are doing. I’ll do this by when somebody asks me a silly question or keep taping and talking to me I’ll ignore them and just stay focus on my work. If this is working well I will start to pretend no one is around me so it’s like me and my work are the only ones in the classroom. If this proceeds I will then get my mind to focus on the thing I’m doing by not looking at other people.

In maths I’ll work on my goal to use the four operations for problem solving. I’ll do this by when I get a hard problem I will use two or more of the more operations to see if the answer looks right. After that works I will start to use all the operations to fix the mistakes that are in my equation if I have any.

When I’m doing English I will do my reading goal which is to build on my understanding of the text I am reading. I will do this by reading the text twice. Once to enjoy and the next to get the meaning.

The word impossible is an illusion. The word actually says I’m Possible.



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