June 26

3 Way Conference Reflection

Yellow hat (what went really well)
I did heaps of eye contact to my Mum. It was good that I knew bits of my script when I had to look at something else. I also had explained everything in detail so my Mum got a better idea.
Green hat ( next time I will……..)
I need to use more expression. Next time I’ll put more personality into my script so I sound more like myself. It will be good if I don’t put spelling mistakes into my script so I don’t get confused at some points.
Red hat ( before, during and after feelings)
Before I felt really nervous but during the interview. I felt more confident. It was great that after the interview I felt happy and proud.
Comments by Ms Westerman
Ms Westerman had said I had: Good eye contact to my Mum. Good volume when I was speaking. Great examples of long and short term goals. My voice over was very clear and fluent. She thought I did easy but good, detailed explaining. I got Mum to post with pointing. When my blog didn’t let me post I went onto Edu Blogs.


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1 thoughts on “3 Way Conference Reflection

  1. suzanne mangan

    Sophie I really enjoyed the 3 way conference. I am really amazed and proud of the work you had done to prepare for the conference and the confident way in which you presented it. It was great to hear what you are learning about at school and what goals you have set for yourself.


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