My Magnificent Learning Goals

For Reading my goal is to try to chunk harder words that I don’t know. I will show how I do this by taking my time to read a book. I will also read the word twice so I get a better idea of the word and what it means.

My maths goal is to improve on my eight times tables. I will show this by practicing them at home and writing them down in colour so I can see them easily.

Learning Behaviour:
My learning behaviour goal is to always have my iPad charged. I will do this by whenever I turn it on I will see how much charge I have and red line it at snack, lunch and before I go home.

One thought on “My Magnificent Learning Goals

  1. Hi Sophie,
    I love your blog work on maths, especially this post.
    I hope you do more post like this. They are great!
    From Sophie

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