April 29

Gallipoli Oak presentation

On the 24th of April at my school, we had a special Gallipoli Oak presentation. We had the school leaders and some special guests come to put some of the soil in. We did this planting because on the 25th of April 2015 marks the day and century of when the ANZACs arrived at Gallipoli. We were one out 300 schools in Australia to get a Gallipoli Oak.
I learnt that the ANZACs landed on the wrong beach and that the ANZAC biscuits used to be called hard tack.
I felt really excited that so many schools in Australia didn’t get a chance to get a Gallipoli Oak or maybe even not know about it. It’s so sad though that at one point there were only 47 survivors.
In the war the ANZACs were probably feeling and thinking “I’m going to die” but they managed to plan and complete the great escape with the self firing rifle.
In class we made ANZAC biscuits. With my groups batch we forgot to but the brown sugar in so they were really light. Some of the other batches were really sticky and crumbly but they were still yum.



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