Betty Cuthbert

Here are some links to where I got my information from.


Independent Maths Goal

A maths session had us thinking about our individual maths goal. Mine is to work on my problem solving. Since I’m in the maths Olympiad I thought it would be a good idea to practice and get better at it. I’ll practice it by doing a practice sheet and using some apps like Brilliant.


Reflective thinking

Here’s a Link to a website about reflective thinking.


What is reflecting? Reflecting is when you think deeply about something.

Why do we do it: we do it because it helps us learn from our mistakes and so we know what we did and didn’t do.

How do we do it? What tools can we use: We can do it by writing them out on paper, on an iPad or just think about them in our minds.

How does it help our learning?  If we reflect on our learning we will know what we should do next time and it will help us.

I didn’t find these answers off a website I came up with them myself. If you have your own answer feel free to leave them as a comment.

Maths Goals

My Goal was to get my square numbers and square roots. (From Essential Assesment)

My results are now great. I did a short test on my goal and I advanced greatly. I got 85% on a 20 question test on Essential Assesment. I only got three questions wrong. Two of them I that I got wrong were only wrong because I put them from smallest to largest instead of largest to smallest! The other one I got wrong I know what I did wrong but it would be worth practicing.

Here is an activity that helped me:

The square roots spinning game:


Where to next: I think I’ve got it covered but I’ll still practice them, at home or at school. Practice makes perfect!