November 17

My health goals


1- Lunch, for lunch we should be having around  750-850 calories. On average  I normally have about 220 calories.

2- Dinner, Again I’m eating less calories then we really should be. The average is 500-700 calories for dinner and I’m only eating around 100-300.


For mental I’m going to try and use Sandbox a bit more often. It helps me focus on just one thing.


For Spiritual I’m going to have more time to myself and do more. things like reading to myself.


For Social I’m going to try to talk to more of my friends outside of school more often.

November 17

Oaks Day

Yesterday we did Oaks Day. We had to dress as if we were at the races and then did a fashion show in class groups. If you did good your did a final with judges and an audience.

This is my partnered description of what I’m wearing:

Here comes Sophie with her stunning Dior black floral dress. Her headband followed by gorgeous earrings are so expensive It’ll blow you off your seats in shock! Her shoes are definitely one of a kind. They are made by a very expensive brand in a small but popular town in America where only the finest of clothing and shoes are made. This outfit is perfect for not only the races but it also won the fashion award last week. Now put your hands together for the sensational Sophie.

This is me dressed up for Oaks Day.




October 23

Me in a minute

Lately we’ve been doing a task called ‘Me In A Minute’

Basically we have fitness things to do like pushups or sit ups, but we have to do as many as we can in a minute.

My three goals are:

1) Bouncing a tennis ball on a racket- the class average is 93 but I only got 53. I’ll practise by every couple of days, I’ll attempt to beat my record at home. Next time I want to get around the 90-100 mark

2) Sit ups, our class average is 40. I could only do 38 this time. I can practise be doing a couple every 2 or 3 nights. Next time I should be able to do 40 to 47 sit ups.

3) Squats- our class average is 43 and I got 41. I’ll practise by doing a couple every night so they become easier for me. Next time I think I can try to get around 45-50.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been practicing my goals. I did squats when I was at gymnastics and on Saturdays. I also did sit-ups at home and at gymnastics as well. I didn’t get to to practice bouncing a ball on a racket because I really couldn’t find a racket to do it in.


In our last session of me in a minute I succeeded in completing my goals. I bet all of my last scores too.

June 29

My LAST 3 Way Conference!

Here’s my script!

Thank you so much Mum/Dad for coming today as this will be the LAST yes the LAST 3 way conference I will do ever! But in a couple of years you’ll have more to do with Jack! You might find this boring but you better be listening since this is the last conference I’ll do at primary school. Today I’ll be sharing my work that I have completed so far this year which includes my learning in reading, maths and inquiry. So far year six has been a blast. My favourite parts have probably going on camp and looking after Macy buddy! Now, let’s get onto reading.
This semester, our class novel was ‘The Night They Stormed Eureka’ This book was about a girl called Sam who didn’t have a nice family and then accidentally travelled back in time to the gold rush in the 1850’s. She then stays with the Puddlehams who treat her like their own daughter. All sorts of trouble happens on the gold fields but soon Sam goes back to her time. For this we did a character map and wrote down differences from our time to the 1850’s for things like clothing and shelter. This was so we could see the differences between that era and ours and so we could record who the characters were throughout the book. This helped me keep track of who was in the book so far and what we would’ve had to use if I was in the 1850’s. Here’s my book with my work.

For writing I will show you my sovereign hill letter that I wrote. Before we went on camp we had to write a letter to our teacher at sovereign hill. We had to come up with a character from the gold rush and write a letter to the teacher as if we were them. I just kept my own first and last name to make it easier to remember. We had to then come up with a storyline for how we got to Ballarat, what the journey was like and what our parents and siblings did. Because I’m left handed I also had to come up with an excuse for why I was writing with my left hand. Mine was that when we were riding over on a horse a fell off and broke my wrist. After we drafted our letter we then printed it off in a copperplate font and traced it. Mine wasn’t the neatest but I could still read it. They were then sent to sovereign hill. Here’s my draft letter that I wrote…. It took me a while to write it because it was really hard to think of something that would’ve of happened in the 1850’s and I couldn’t trace the writing because it was really curly! Why don’t you have a shot! ABC

In maths we did solar Boats. I was in a group with Jayde Fintan and Alby. We called our boat, The Evan Seas. We named our boat in honour our favourite little magnet, Evan. Please let us have a minutes silence as Evan is no longer among us…. Alright back on track. During solar Boats we had to first make our own little Boats to try each to figure out which had the best alignment, balance and speed. Two of our Boats were good in different things so we made a boat with crossed with both boats. We had good alignment and speed, well after we did the boat around three times. It was hard for me because each time I had to draw the boat with different dimensions so it wouldn’t snap or be too heavy. It was fun on the race day when my team had the fastest time for a while and then got overtaken by another team. It kept going on until we were only four hundredths of a second slower than them. But in the end we got the best boat award because we were the only boat to race in every race. Yay us! I found it hard to wire a circuit and not only that but make it work with a switch! But now I can wire a circuit with not as many struggles! Have a look at my boat!

In inquiry the project that standed out the most to me was doing our energy project. My subject was on wind energy so things like wind turbines and how wind energy helps us. We had to make a short video that included things like what wind energy is. Where it can be found, why we need it and a couple of facts that don’t fit into those subjects. I learnt a lot of information about how wind energy could help us slow down global warming and pollution. Some things were really weird and interesting like wind turbines only spin if there’s wind and if it isn’t too strong! Or when Tony Abbott was the Prime Minister he said he hated wind turbines and they looked ugly! In our video we had to also put in a bibliography. I find it hard doing bibliographies because when I find information I write it down and forget where I find it! Before you see the first bit if my video answer this question: How much percentage is Australia’s energy made up of wind….. The answer is…. you’ll find out in the video!

Thank you so much for coming tonight as it means a lot to me. This is the last three way conference I will do in primary school which is good but if you’re bit sad let me say this! You have to listen to Jack’s conferences in a couple of years!
Thanks again for coming tonight!

June 5

Betty Cuthbert

Here are some links to where I got my information from.


May 18

Independent Maths Goal

A maths session had us thinking about our individual maths goal. Mine is to work on my problem solving. Since I’m in the maths Olympiad I thought it would be a good idea to practice and get better at it. I’ll practice it by doing a practice sheet and using some apps like Brilliant.


May 15

Reflective thinking

Here’s a Link to a website about reflective thinking.


What is reflecting? Reflecting is when you think deeply about something.

Why do we do it: we do it because it helps us learn from our mistakes and so we know what we did and didn’t do.

How do we do it? What tools can we use: We can do it by writing them out on paper, on an iPad or just think about them in our minds.

How does it help our learning?  If we reflect on our learning we will know what we should do next time and it will help us.

I didn’t find these answers off a website I came up with them myself. If you have your own answer feel free to leave them as a comment.